The DDR Bunker 

The Famous Gold Watch is located in the subterrain of a former East German security facility, home today to the European Creative Centre: an artist collective and studio complex in Berlin's northern Weissensee district.
During WWII, this sprawling dark brown brick facility functioned as the Carl Otto Raspe armaments factory. When the war ended, Colonel General Kobulow claimed it as one of the Soviets' key German HQs; it later functioned as the Hauptabteilung PS (Personenschutz), the Stasi office of Personal Security, a sort of security base for East German leaders and dignitaries during the Wall years. You can still see a fairly grim concrete Stasi watchtower in the yard right behind the complex.
The various empty shells of rooms surrounding the studio serve as unique reverb chambers for re-amping or live recording (request in advance), and above ground there’s a large garden and beach area, some peacocks, barbecues, and an old disused café. Evening bonfires are a popular summer event, and campfire video sessions can also be arranged here.