Gear List & Specs


Tube Mics: Beezneez U47, Neumann M147

Condensors: Neumann 184s (4), Shure SM81s (2), Shure 181s (2), Aston Spirits (2), Shure Beta 98D/S (2), Shure Beta 91a (1), Shure Beta 87c (1), CM3 (2), Neumann TLM 67, Shure KSM 44a (2)

Ribbons: Royer 121 (1), KSM353 (5), KSM313 (1)

Dynamics: Shure Beta 52a (1), Shure Beta 58s (2), Shure Beta 57 (1), Shure SM57 (2), Electrovoice RE20 (1), Shure SM7b (3), Sennheiser 441s (2), Sennheiser 421s (2) plus one or two odd bits and pieces.



27 channels can be simultaneously recorded via the following:

– Tree Audio ‘The Roots’ Tube Console (8 channel strips)

– Neve 1073DPA (2 channels)

– Manley Force Tube Preamps (4 channels)

– Vintech X73i (Channel Strip)

– Phoenix DRS8 (8 channels)

– RME Fireface 802 (4 channels)

Additionally, our post-production suite includes Focusrite ISA430 and Universal Audio LA610 Channel Strips.



SSL G Comp Master Bus Compressor

Elyssea Stereo EQ

Universal Audio LA-3a Compressor

Tree Audio Analogue Summing Mixer

HM800 8 channel headphone amp

Revox Stereo B77 MkII reel to reel tape machine

Roland RE201 Space Echo (Monitoring speakers from APS, HEDD and Mackie)


Upright Pianos (2), one in each live room from Alexander Herrmann and B.May

Hohner Organa 30

ACE electric organ

Hohner Symphonic 909 Organ

Orcana electric accordion

Small selection of various string instruments including acoustic and electric guitars, basses, cello, mandolin and ukele, but using these is best discussed in advance as they are personal collections from the engineers.

Sonar SQ2 6 shell drum kit, 2 snare drums and various cymbals.

Various percussion


Vox AC30 Purple edition.

Acoustic Control Corp Model 160 head and Model 469 cab. Very rare hand-made in California guitar amp.

Hi-Watt Custom 100

Bugera tube head and Galleon Krueger bass head with Ampeg 4 x 10 cab.


25sqm control room, 40sqm live room, 14sqm second live room, 25sqm post production suite, 25sqm label offices and artist room, kitchen, toilets.