Changing the Game for Musicians in Berlin



The Famous Gold Watch is a recording, filming, production and writing studio in Berlin, founded by Universal Music Publishing composer and artist Cameron James Laing. 

It’s a boutique studio, equipped with high end audio and audio-visual equipment for making your albums, EPs or videos come to life at the top level, but for a fraction of the price of a typical studio. Our business philosophy is to the support the underground music scene. Independent artists are able to pay approximately half the amount of the market rate for a studio of this size and level, and our voluntary record label, podcast and media channels help promote artists within the community.

Our engineers are all multi-instrumentalists, producers, arrangers and writers who’ve spent a lifetime recording and performing around the world. We know what it’s like to be in a studio and how to get you in the right frame of mind to deliver your best performances, and can help you build your songs into the final arrangement you always wanted.



A Truly Unique Atmosphere

We believe an artist should have a warm and cosy atmosphere to work in – as if it was their own strange little creative home – and we’ve gone to painstaking detail to design the perfect aesthetic across all of our rooms in order for artists to feel comfortable and inspired.

Check out our Rooms section to see our stunning selection of recording, mixing and filming facilities.

The studio is located in a quiet artist community (the European Creative Centre) on the edge of the city but just 25 minutes from Alexanderplatz on public transport. The grounds of the building have a large garden, bonfire area and a small farm, so artists can take nice long breaks outside after soundcheck before getting into performance mode.



Our Creative Network

We work with a wide network of professional session musicians, videographers and photographers to meet almost every requirement. From classical musicians at Deutsche Oper to rock drummers and avant garde flautists, we have it covered. 

Our partner videographer films exquisite live performance videos, whether it be in one of our studio rooms, in the garden, by the bonfire or in one of the abandoned basement chambers of the old weapons factory – a huge variety of different atmospheres to provide the perfect backdrop whatever the genre.

The Famous Gold Watch is also proudly sponsored by Shure Microphones.