Our range of microphones includes the classics from Shure, Neumann, Sennheiser, Aston, Electrovoice etc and preamps/hardware from Neve, Manley, Tree Audio tube console, SSL and more. Our two live rooms (40sqm and 14sqm), control room (25sqm), APS, Hedd and Neumann monitors, wide variety of instruments and amps, and our dedicated staff have you covered for all your recording needs. Check out Gear List and Specs in the Menu.




Live performance videos and music clips are more important than ever, so we designed our rooms to be stunning backdrops for you to perform in, and work with videography partners who share our business and pricing philosophy to ensure we are a one-stop-shop for your video needs. Search for The Famous Gold Watch on YouTube to find videos by our regular videographer and Director Jaime Molleda.



Production & Composition

Solo artists who need a band / someone to write arrangements, or bands who needs a Producer to shape and direct their sound can contact our team to discuss your needs. Our staff are multi-instrumentalists and composers with experience in many genres. Creative input is a sensitive thing, and it’s vital to choose the right people to work with. Contact our team to arrange a meeting or discuss your project online.




Our dedicated post-production suite and main studio control room are perfect for getting your recordings mixed to their full potential. Analogue summing, reel-to-reel tape and various outboard provide the extra gloss whether you are a mixer looking for a professional space to work on your projects, or whether you are the client looking for our staff to complete your projects.




Whether it’s during a recording session, or whether it’s a dedicated photoshoot, our beautiful rooms provide a variety of settings for your artist portraits and our partner Jaime Molleda or other photographers from our network can discuss your ideas and bring them to life.




Private performances can be discussed and arranged with our management team via our Contact page or Facebook site.